How to create the ultimate garden

How to create the ultimate garden

Britain may not have the best weather, but if you can design the ultimate garden, you can still enjoy your outdoor space year-round. As well as planting for colour, garden designs should include outdoor furniture and garden accessories which will make your space more ‘liveable’. It’s those finishing touches which bring a garden to life and make it all the more pleasant for al fresco dining and relaxing with friends and family. So what might you need to design the ultimate garden?


Patio table and chairs

No outdoor space is complete without somewhere to sit down to a nice meal. No matter how large or small your seating area, there will be a dining table to fit – whether that’s a compact bistro-style set for smaller yards or a spacious six-seater for larger spaces. An outdoor dining table can become a stylish focal point for your patio, meaning you can sit comfortably as you enjoy a barbecue or relax with a chilled drink on a warm summer’s evening.


Covers for furniture

To keep your garden furniture at its best, it’s also worth investing in a waterproof cover to keep it protected during the gloomier months of the year. This means it’s shielded from the damp and your dining set’s life will be prolonged.



Parasols are a great way to add a touch of holiday glamour to your garden, and because they can be moved around, you’re able to position your parasol wherever it’s needed. That could be over your patio table while you eat or on the lawn to provide you with some shade. An added advantage is that parasols can be collapsed down to save on storage space, meaning you can tuck them away out of sight when they’re not in use.


Barbecues and Pizza Ovens

Pizza ovens are becoming an increasingly popular choice and are a great accessory for the ultimate garden. Compact and easy to use, pizza ovens allow you to create that beautiful taste of the Mediterranean from the comfort of your own garden, and they’re a showstopper at family gatherings. Alternatively, there’s nothing so quintessentially British as a great barbecue, which is why so many people use them almost year-round. A capacious, well-crafted barbecue is a thing of beauty and means you can feed large gatherings delicious home-cooked feasts.


Hot Tubs

If you have the space, a hot tub is the ultimate garden luxury. Hot tubs come in a range of sizes and shapes, so even if you don’t have the largest garden, you could still find a tub to fit. And who doesn’t want to enjoy the warm bubbles of a hot tub when you need some pampering? There’s no better way to spend a long summer evening than relaxing in the hot tub and enjoying some quality time with the people you love.

Your outdoor space could be transformed by investing in quality outdoor furniture and garden accessories. No matter how small or large your garden, now’s the time to make it a real haven by adding those finishing touches.

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