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Brand Spotlight: Charnwood Stoves

Brand Spotlight: Charnwood Stoves

Founded in 1972, A J Wells & Sons Ltd is the company responsible for bringing the elegantly styled Charnwood wood-burning stoves into the homes of many across the country.

Charnwood is known as one of the oldest British manufacturers of wood burning stoves and is run by second and third generations of the Wells family. Based in Niton on the Isle of Wight, the company has a strong ethos of supporting local UK suppliers and ensures all stoves are built in the family-run factory in the UK.

Why Pick a Charnwood?

The team at Charnwood have an unrivalled and in-depth knowledge of real fire heating, transferring this knowledge into robust and innovative stove design. These sturdy wood burning stoves allow heat to seep into every corner of your home, keeping it cosy and warm all year round.

Charnwood stoves are designed and built to last, and investing in a Charnwood wood burning stove is more than a short-term relationship. These stoves have been known to last for many, years, with some original products still running perfectly in customer homes some 40 years after purchase.

So, if you’re looking for a strong and reliable stove that will last for years or even decades, Charnwood wood burning stoves are the perfect choice for you.

Quattroflow Air Management System

Many Charnwood stoves come complete with a revolutionary air management system called Quattroflow Air Management system, patented by Charnwood. Using a number of air chambers, the right amount of air is spread around the stove for ultra-efficient burning and optimum control.

Converting Grate

Another unique piece of manufacturing included in Charnwood wood burning stoves is the converting grates, which can be altered to ensure the most efficient burning conditions.

Using a lever on the side of the stove, a series of grate bars can be set to lie in a closed flatbed position which provides optimum conditions for burning wood or can be opened for the ultra-efficient burning of smokeless fuels. This makes Charnwood Stoves perfect for those who want the option to burn different fuels in their stove.

Clean Burn Airwash

The Charnwood Country range of wood burning stoves includes the latest clean burn and air wash technology, ensuring you always have a clean and clear view of your fire. By carefully controlling and directing the air that enters the stove, it is possible to achieve optimum burning efficiency and reduce the amount of build-up and ash deposits that occur as a result.

The Range

We currently stock a number of impressive Country wood burning stoves from the Charnwood range, a traditional, time-honoured collection that includes a mixture of both wood burning and multi-fuel appliances. These stoves have established a quality reputation over the years, and have gained almost a cult following due to their unique design.

The Charnwood Country 4 wood burning stove is the most popular of the range, as is available as a wood burning stove, or a multi-fuel stove depending on your preferences. Starting from £609.00 this is the smallest model in the heating collection, but still boasts a lot of the key features from larger stoves. Optional additions include a clip in boiler for warming domestic water (starting from £160), a smoke reducing kit (£36) and is available in eight Charnwood colours.

Another member of the Charnwood Country range is the Country 12, which is the largest within the room heater range. At £1,224 this wood burning stove has a huge output of 12Kw and is well suited to larger rooms with open plan designs. It also comes with an option of the addition of a canopy hood for an additional £223, enhancing the unique angled shape and making this stove seem right at home in a traditional cottage living room.

If you’re looking for a sturdy and reliable boiler stove, the Charnwood Country range has you covered. The Country 16B wood-burning boiler stove delivers suitable heating and domestic hot water for around 10 radiators and is priced at £2,147. This stove is thermostatically controlled and buyers have the option of installing a multi-fuel riddling grate to allow for a wide range of solid fuels to be burnt.

Overall, Charnwood multi-fuel and wood burning stoves tick all the boxes for those looking to invest in a wood burning stove that is guaranteed to last. To view the entire range, click here.

We also stock spare parts and stove glass for a number of wood burning stoves in the Charnwood range, including the C range. If you are unsure about what type of parts you require, please feel free to contact us here or give our team a call on 01226 321 427.

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