Brand Spotlight: Dunsley Stoves

Brand Spotlight: Dunsley Stoves

Dunsley Heat is one of the UK’s longest standing manufacturers of multi-fuel heating appliances for the home. Founded by brothers in 1950, Dunsley Heat has been working in the industry for over 60 years building stoves from their warehouse in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire.

The business began producing solid fuel, open fire central heating boilers. As tastes changed, interiors developed and the needs of customers evolved, the business began to branch out their product offering, continuously developed their range over the years to produce the traditional and timeless wood burning stove designs we know today.

We take a look at what makes the Dunsley Heat range of wood burning and multi-fuel stoves such a great investment for your home.

Why choose Dunsley Stoves?

Design is the cornerstone of the Dunsley manufacturing process, but this alone is not enough to give customers the confidence to buy. The team know this and have poured all their understanding of customer needs into their products. With so many years’ experience in the industry, the team behind all Dunsley Heat products understand that performance is just as important as creating a good looking product.

A number of the Dunsley stoves include a highly-functional air wash system, designed to keep viewing glass clean and reduce the amount of residue build-up in the stove and the flue pipe.

Another unique feature of a number of Dunsley wood burning stove is the ability to have the stove body painted in a variety of colours, including almond, metallic blue and even shimmering rose. To learn more about the different paint finishes available, please contact our team here and we’ll be happy to help.

Dunsley Stoves and boilers are only available through an exclusive network of dealers across the UK. These dealers have been selected because of their knowledge and service, and are trusted completely by the manufacturers to ensure their products find good homes. We are lucky enough to be part of this network, and we will always advise and assist you in making the right choices for your circumstances.

The Range

One of the hero-products from the Dunsley Heat range is the ‘Yorkshire Stove’ which is available in a wood-burning/multi-fuel boiler model and has a starting price point of £1,865. Developed from over 3 decades of research and industry experience, this stove is branded as a ‘new breed of heat source’ because it creates ‘fire without smoke’.

Emissions from this stove are incredibly low and this model includes a built-in thermostat which automatically monitors central heating temperatures, allowing for air regulation to control the intensity of the flame. This stove is one of only a few boiler stoves that has been DEFRA approved and has an outstanding heat output of 13Kw making this a great investment for those looking to heat their home in a traditional manner.

Another great stove range from Dunsley Heat is the Highlander range, which also includes wood burning, multi-fuel and boiler stove products. The Highlander range is manufactured from the finest steel and cast iron, finished in a heat-resistant metallic black stove enamel paint, and fitted with brass handles as standard.

The Dunsley Highlander wood burning stove range starts from £635 with the Highlander 3 Ecoburn multi-fuel/wood burning stove. This great starter stove has a 3Kw heat output, has an easy to open door for refuelling and ash removal, and is DEFRA approved.

For those looking for a bit more power behind their fire, the Dunsley Highlander 10 multi-fuel/wood burning boiler stove is available from £1,639. This stove has heat output of up to 14.4Kw, giving it a lot of power to heat both your room and domestic hot water across the whole house. Boasting a superb air wash system, you can guarantee your viewing glass will remain clear and the grate mechanism can be adjusted to burn a range of solid fuels.

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