Brand Spotlight: Dik Geurts

Brand Spotlight: Dik Geurts

If you're looking for a new wood-burning stove, Dik Geurts are one of the most popular manufacturers, known for their high-quality, clean and eco-friendly products. From classic wood burners to environmentally friendly multi-fuel stoves, all of their products feature great design and exquisite manufacturing. At Stove Supermarket, we're proud to be an official supplier of Dik Geurts' stoves and fireplaces, so let's take a closer look at this exclusive brand.


A history of excellence

Dik Geurts have decades of experience and are one of the most trusted brands in the industry. They have been creating premium stoves and fires in the Netherlands since 1981. With a reputation for expert craftsmanship, durable design and the very highest quality, their fires last for decades too. Interior designers around the world continue to choose Dik Geurts fires for exclusive homes and this well-known stove brand is synonymous with quality. Their flagship products reflect their European heritage, with references to Norse mythology and culture.


Superior design

One of the main reasons Dik Geurts is famous is the stunning design and unique appeal of their high-end fireplaces. From circular, double-sided stoves to modern cube-corner fires, if you're looking for a fireplace that's a focal point, they're the ideal choice. Dik Geurts' fires are the perfect addition to any modern home and their sleek and stylish designs are truly beautiful. Their compact multi-fuel wood-burning stoves are perfect for a living room or cosy nook, whilst their statement freestanding wood-burning stoves are perfect for large open plan areas or dining rooms.


Innovative wood burners

Instead of resting on their reputation, Dik Geurts continue to innovate, creating bespoke burning systems and developing cleaner, more efficient fireplaces. Features like large viewing windows, inbuilt log storage and simple installation make their wood-burning stoves a great investment for your home. Their fires are manufactured in a specialist facility in the Netherlands and all of their products use the latest technology for efficient and clean burning. Fans of great design will love the Odin stove, their round tunnel double-sided stove which can be suspended from the ceiling or stand on the floor!


Environmentally friendly stove

More and more homeowners are looking for eco-friendly stoves that meet the highest safety standards. Dik Geurts also prioritise the environment and have created a range of DEFRA approved and SIA Ecodesign stoves. They also have a range of fires with different heat outputs so you can choose the right size stove for your room, ensuring you're not wasting heat. All of their stoves are rated on efficiency, with energy ratings as high as A+ for economic wood burning.


Shop the collection

At Stove Supermarket, we are proud to stock a wide range of Dik Geurts  stoves, perfect for modern, stylish homes. From their classic Ivar 8 log burner to the industrial Jannik wood burning stove, we have the ideal fireplace for any home. Browse the whole collection today or chat with one of our friendly advisors ( / 01226 816 051) to find the perfect Dik Geurts fireplace!

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