Brand Spotlight: Hunter Stoves

Brand Spotlight: Hunter Stoves

Is there anything better than the comforting warmth and soothing good looks of a natural fuel stove in your home? Yes, there is! If it’s a well-designed stove made using quality materials and skilled craftsmanship, it can be improved on for the ultimate in reliability and durability.

How do Hunter Stoves stand out?

If you’re considering purchasing a stove, there’s a good chance that the brand ‘Hunter’ will receive many glowing recommendations. It is widely respected in the traditional home heating and home improvement sectors.

That’s because the multi-award winning Hunter Stoves Group has been around for four decades. The Devon-based company uses extensive research and development to perfect its products.

Not that it is content to rest on its considerable experience and insights though. Hunter Stoves also benefits from continuous innovation, to add new flair to their design and ever-improving functioning to their range. This includes looking for the best ways to blend together both contemporary and traditional facades with high-performance components.

What’s included in the Hunter Stoves range?

Their products include freestanding stoves and ones that can be inset into walls, as well as double-sided and boiler stoves. They also offer a great variety of dimensional choices. This means that if you are perplexed about ‘which stove is right for me’, there is a strong chance you can find a Hunter Stoves model that matches your preferences, lifestyle and budget!

Aesthetic appeal and ease of use run throughout Hunter’s British-made wood burning, multi-fuel, and gas stoves. Timeless designs all feature intuitive controls, so you can adjust the heat to match your own tastes.

A few of their most popular stoves include:

Home stove innovation and sustainability

One of the ways Hunter Stoves has underpinned its innovation in design and engineering is by channelling all its profits back into the company.

As the perfect example of this company’s creative thinking, its wood-burning stove, and multi-fuel stove models have a built-in airwash system. This has been engineered to keep the glass doors clear. The stoves look better and perform more efficiently due to this development, and of course, it reduces the burden of keeping your stove clean and well maintained!

The company is constantly looking for new ways to make their stoves easier to light, run and maintain. Hunter Stoves’ ten-year warranty is testimony to the faith it has in the construction materials and components it specifies, and the reliable standard of its skilled workforce.

Hunter Stoves is also a company with fuel efficiency and other sustainability issues high on its agenda. It describes itself as having a “passion for natural heat”. Which is why the company’s head office utilises as much solar power as possible, for example.

Another example of the company’s commitment to the environment is that Hunter Stoves' Herald Allure and Parkray Aspect ranges have both been awarded Ecodesign approval by the Danish Technological Institute.

So, if you want to know ‘which stove should I buy’, the reasons why Hunter’s name is likely to come to the fore are clearly many and varied!

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  • Chris Murphy