The best accessories for your Kamado Joe Grill!

The best accessories for your Kamado Joe Grill!

Kamado Joe Grills are widely regarded as the cream-of-the-crop when it comes to outdoor cooking. Kamado translates from Japanese as 'place for the cauldron' and describes a grill style which is equally as adept at smoking American-style brisket as it is at grilling Asian flatbreads. Made of ceramic and designed to evenly distribute air and heat around the food inside, these grills are optimised to consistently ensure perfectly-cooked food.

Because it's so versatile at cooking such a wide range of cuisines, there are various accessories available for the Kamado Joe grill that can help it to be as efficient and effective at cooking your favourite foods. Here are some of the most popular accessories for Kamado Joe Grills to help you get the most out of your outdoor cooking!


DoJoe – Pizza Oven Converter

You may think that you need a separate outdoor pizza oven in order to cook the perfect pizza outdoors, but with Kamado Joe's DoJoe, you can quickly convert your existing grill into a pizza oven and back with no hassle at all!

The DoJoe is designed to hold the lid of the grill open exactly the right amount for pizza cooking, which is open enough to be able to see how your pizza is cooking, but closed enough to keep the temperature at the perfect pizza-cooking range, which is anywhere between 400°F and 700°F. Coupled with their Pizza Peel and Pizza Cutter, also from Kamado Joe, you could have the perfect pizza oven in your garden already without knowing it!

As with most of Kamado's range, this accessory is available for both the Classic and Big Joe grills.


JoeTisserie - Rotisserie Oven Converter

Grilling whole chickens or other large cuts of meat in an outdoor oven can be tricky due to how thick the meat is. It can sometimes be difficult to get an even cook, especially when grilling for longer periods of time.

Kamado Joe's JoeTisserie however, allows for the perfect rotisserie cooking every time. Made from durable cast aluminium, the automatically-rotating spit gives the advantage of self-basting that rotisserie provides, meaning that not a drop of flavour is lost from the food! And this is also available for the Big Joe sized grills!

Or, if you prefer a more low-tech way to get juicer chickens from your grill, why not try the Kamado Chicken Stand, which allows you to make perfect beer can chicken!?


iKamand - Smart Grill Monitor and Controller

The iKamand brings century-old traditions of outdoor grilling well into the 21st century, with this app-controlled monitor and controller for your grill. Whether you prefer to set it and forget it, or carefully monitor and adjust temperatures and smoke levels to get the exact grill you are looking for, the app-controlled iKamand can monitor the temperature of the grill, allow you to set target temperatures, or even adjust on the fly.

With the use of a meat temperature probe the iKamand can also observe the internal temperature of any meat you are cooking, to ensure the degree-perfect level of cooking. The unit also controls other elements such as a vent damper, which allows varying amounts of air through the grill, which not only affects the temperature, but the smoke intensity too.

Overcooking can be easy to do in high-temperature ovens such as grills, but with the iKamand attached to either your Classic or Big Joe grill, that is unlikely to ever happen again.


Further customise your grill

We've gone over the bigger changes you can make to your Kamado Joe grill in order to customise it better to your needs - but the list isn't over, as Kamado Joe offers a huge range of accessories such as Pizza Stones and Grill Expanders.


Why not have a look at our Kamado Joe selection or get in touch to find out more - drop us an email at or give us a call on 01226 816 051!

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