The Best Barbecues of Summer 2019: Our Top 5

The Best Barbecues of Summer 2019: Our Top 5

Have your tongs at the ready; summer is here and winter is definitely NOT coming. Don’t be the last poor soul left cooking indoors whilst friends and neighbours frolic in the sun; invest in a barbie and get yourself in the great outdoors.

Here at Stove Supermarket we have a wide selection of Morso BBQs to choose from to help make you this summers God of Grilling: here are our top five!


The Morso Forno Gas Barbecue


Comes in sizes piccolo, medio and grande, so you can decide just how serious you are about getting the neighbours round. Similar in looks to an Italian stone oven you’ll feel like the D’Acampo of barbecue as you grill your way to culinary excellence.


Built from die-cast aluminium the Forno features a high dome hood to allow for effortless cooking outdoors. The integrated temperature gauge ensures maximum user control and is a reasonable 26.1kg at its most grande size meaning you can take this barbecuing bad boy with you wherever you go!



  • 3 sizes to choose from
  • Makes you feel like the Italian Don of cooking
  • Built from robust materials


The Morso Grill Forno II


High quality and superbly built, the Morso Grill Forno II is the more attractive, and altogether more talented brother to the original Morso Grill Forno.


Designed so that you can watch the flickering flames, you’re guaranteed a more visually dramatic cooking experience. So if you burn the burgers at least you can rest easy in the hopes your guests are too transfixed by the flames to care too much.


Engineered from durable cast iron, and with three tough wooden legs to keep it raised about the ground, the Morso Grill Forno II can be trusted to last you many summers to come.



  • The sibling you should have chosen
  • Pretty flames
  • Grills food to perfection


The Morso Grill ‘17 Table BBQ


Keep table-top dancers at arm’s length from this fiery bit of barbecue genius. Built to cook food to perfection, the Morso Grill ’17 Table BBQ features a 60cm diameter adjustable cooking grid. The two semicircles can be swivelled and adjusted in height; perfect for fiddling with to get your food cooked just how you like it.


Once everyone is suitably stuffed the Morso Grill ’17 can double as a fire pit, meaning you and your guests can stay out complimenting you grilling expertise all night long. Ideal really.



  • Keeps people dancing on the floor; as God intended
  • Swivel feature for ultimate adjustability
  • Free fire pit (sort of)


The Morso Grill ’71


A snazzy staple of the Morso Outdoor Living collection, this golden oldie has been in production since 1971 proving that sometimes original really is best.


The Grill ’71 comes with a grilling grate built from solid enamelled cast iron, guaranteeing even cooking every time. The grate is fitted on a swinging hinge, so if things get too hot to handle you can simply push your food out of the way of the flames.


It’s easy to see why Morso have stuck to their guns on the ’71, the cast iron grate has small pores that absorb flavours and fats making your food even more delicious.



  • Grilling perfection since ’71
  • Gives your food a grill pattern (is it even grilled if it’s not covered in lines?)
  • Durable and long-lasting


The Morso Jiko Cast Iron BBQ


If you’ve ever wanted to look like a cowboy then get your yee-ha’s ready for the Morso Jiko. This small wood-fired outdoor BBQ is the perfect bit of kit for adventurers and home birds alike.


Inspired by African design, the Jiko can be combined with a grill, cocette or other implement of your choice, to cook authentic food out in the wilderness. The Jiko is built to last and made out of durable double coated cast iron, meaning it’ll survive all the seasons.



  • Finally get to use your lasso
  • Portable and light (13kg)
  • Great for trips with your dog



Are you ready to fire up the barbie and grill up a storm? Let us know in the comments below which one you’d choose and why!

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