Looking for something more luxurious? Take a look at our 5 favourite top of the range stoves

Looking for something more luxurious? Take a look at our 5 favourite top of the range stoves

A stove is an investment in your homes interior, and just like any home investment it requires real thought about the look and quality that you would like it to be. For those seeking a stove of true quality and style, we can help.

Here at Stove Supermarket we stock a range of luxury stoves that are ideal for both traditional, modern home owners with style and panache.

Our top 5 are: The Morso 2B Classic, The Jotul F600, The Westfire Uniq 32, The Westfire Uniq 28 and the Morso 6643.

The Morso 2B Classic

Oozing antique elegance, The Morso 2B Classic is the perfect choice for the traditional home owner. This gorgeous piece is crafted from quality cast iron and features the squirrel logo on either side of the long firebox.

The generous length of the Morso 2B Classic allows for the burning of longer logs, meaning longer burn time (up to 450mm). It also comes with a riddling grate, ashtray and ashpan so you’re equipped for using your new stove.

The Morso 2B Classic is SIA Ecodesign approved, meaning it is one of the world’s most environmentally friendly appliances. This makes it not only incredible efficient to run, but guilt free to own!

The Jotul F600

Don’t be fooled by the classical design of the Jotul F600; behind the beautifully arching façade lies a highly technical, modern design.

The F600 features large clean burn glass, side and front loading for added convenience, external air connection and an airwash system to keep your stove looking it’s best. It has also been designed to accommodate larger sized logs than competitive 9-10kw stoves.

This expertly crafted classic is made out of cast iron, and has an A energy efficiency rating at 78%, meaning you will get the most out of your fuel, and have less impact upon the environment.

The Westfire Uniq 32

This sleek inset stove is perfect for adding a chic touch of sleek sophistication to your modern home. Contemporary and stylish, it’s an ideal focal point to gather friends and family around.

The Westfire Uniq 32 is 1 metre wide allowing a stunning view of the flames from around the room. Perfect for heating medium spaces, the Uniq 32 has an output of 5.9Kw and is DEFRA approved for use in smoke-controlled areas.

Now available with a choice of frames and venting grills to help circulate heat into the room. 

The Westfire Uniq 28

Delivering contemporary perfection once again, Westfire’s Uniq 28 is the pinnacle of modern design. A cylindrical stove that offers a panoramic view of the flames, this beauty is sure to impress and stun alike.

Ideal for smaller, cosier spaces, the Uniq 28 delivers a heat output of up to 4.4Kw. The Uniq 28 has also been DEFRA approved for use in smoke controlled areas, and has an incredible efficiency rating of 80.3%.

A concealable log store adds a nice touch and added convenience. The Uniq 28 is available in black or grey and with optional soapstone options.

The Morso 6643

The epitome of Scandinavian stylishness, the Morso 6643 captures the minimalist beauty at the very heart of the Morso brand.

The carefully thought-out cast iron design features two curved glass doors, giving a dramatic view of the fire. This incredible 180 degree view of the flames is further complimented by the gold tinted vermiculite that – just like the stoves internal background – is decorated with the signature Morso squirrel on the baffle.

The Morso 6643 has a heat output of 5.9Kw and an A+ energy performance, meaning you are safe in the knowledge that you are making the most of your fuel, and lessening your environmental impact.

An inbuilt airwash system keeps your Morso 6643 cleaner for longer, whilst the log store underneath allows for convenient re-fuelling of your stove.

There’s no comparison to a stove designed with quality and style in mind; here at Stove Supermarket we stock these 5 and many more high-end stoves that are sure to meet all of your needs.

Let us know in the comments below your favourite!

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