Top 5 Essential Stove Accessories

Top 5 Essential Stove Accessories

Stove accessories are essential in helping to keep your stove clean, efficient and working at its best! Here at Stove Supermarket we have accessories that will both enhance your home and make running your stove much easier.

From baskets to moisture meters, we stock a range of essential accessories for your stove, our top five essential accessories are; a log stand or basket, a stove fan, a moisture meter, a fireside companion and a stove care kit.


A Log Stand or Basket.

When storing wood it is likely that you will have a shed or store stashed away outside, or in a location a distance away from your stove. Investing in a log stand or basket means that you don’t have to traipse between your stove and wood store to re-stock your fire with fuel; rather you can simply take from your handy fireside supply.

A log stand or basket is also essential for keeping your fireside neat and tidy. By stashing your wood in an easy-to-access container you are ensuring that your fuel is stashed away tidily, and that tiny pieces of wood and splinters don’t litter your floor; risking injury to yourself or small children and pets.

Baskets in particular can add a lovely rustic and traditional touch to a home; we have a wide selection of carefully hand-woven rattan baskets, such as the popular Therfield Basket from Valiant.

For a more contemporary feel, the York Fireside Log Stand is the ideal choice; finished in modern stainless steel and in a sleek design, this is the perfect complement to any contemporary home.



A Stove Fan.

A fantastic way of ensuring that you are getting the most from your fuel and stove is by investing a stove fan.

Rather than allowing the heat from your stove to rise a stove fan pushes warm air outwards and circulates it around the room, giving a more even distribution of heat. This will save you money in the long run by making your fuel go further and increasing the efficiency of your stove tenfold.

Stove fans do not require any batteries or electricity as they are powered entirely from the heat generated by your stove – so you don’t have to worry about any extra costs! To read more about the benefits of stove fans take a look at our blog.

We stock a large range of stove fans such as this Remora Flue Pipe Fan.  



A Moisture Meter.

Ensuring that your wood has a moisture content of 20% and below is absolutely key to ensuring that you are getting the most out of your fuel. It is also important in reducing the environmental impact of your stove.

Owning a moisture meter removes the guesswork, and puts you in control so that you can be certain that you are only burning the most efficient and eco-friendly wood possible. To read more about how you can reduce the environmental impact of your stove, check out our blog

We stock a variety of moisture meters, such as this colour changing moisture meter from Valiant.


A Fireside Companion.

The trusty side-kick to every stove owner is a fireside companion; a convenient collection of all of your most essential tools.

A fireside companion should come with a pair of tongs, so that you can load fuel onto your fire safely and at an arms-length from yourself – absolutely crucial when it comes to operating your fire safely.

Your companion should also come with all you need to continuously stoke and prod the flames to your hearts content; ideal for when your fire just needs a little nudge to get going.

There should also be a brush and / or small shovel so that you can remove any ash or debris and keep your fireplace looking tip-top.

We stock a variety of fireside companions, including the incredibly hand Valiant Warwick Companion Set – a fireside companion and log-store all in one! 


 A Stove Care Kit.

Keep your stove as sparkling and clean as the day it first arrived with a stove care kit! Containing all you need to keep your stove free from tar, dirt and soot, this is an absolute essential when it comes to maintaining your stove for life.

Take a look at the Stove Care Kit from Valiant – this handy set contains everything you need to give your stove a good scrubbing, from gloves to brushes. 


We stock these accessories and many more. To make sure that you have all of the accessories that you need to keep your stove safe, clean and efficient take a look at the complete range here! 



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