Here Comes The Sun – Get Summer Ready With Our Selection of Outdoor Furniture!

Here Comes The Sun – Get Summer Ready With Our Selection of Outdoor Furniture!

As the sun gets brighter and the days turn hotter, our eyes start to wander away from our cosy sofas and lounge rooms and towards the green oasis of our gardens.


It’s only natural to want to spend as much time in the great outdoors as possible during the summer months, especially here in England where the summer is often a short-lived love affair.


However, it’s no good simply walking out into the garden and wandering aimlessly; not when you could be lounging around a blazing firepit, a small army of pizzas waiting in the wings, ready to be cooked to gooey perfection inside your outdoor oven whilst you wait for your raft of guests to arrive – naturally. 


No, it simply won’t do.


Here at Stove Supermarket we believe that the summer months are an opportunity for great times and incredible memories. Make them outdoors by equipping your garden with our top picks for the summer of a lifetime:


The Morso Forno Deluxe Garden Package


The King of Garden packages, the Morso Forno Deluxe Garden Package includes everything you need to throw a summer knees-up that you and your friends will remember for many seasons to come.


The package includes: a stylish cast iron over, a large outdoor table, a Forno door, Tuscan grill, ash scraper, pizza peel, fire tongs, cover, chimney pipe and 3 bags kindling sacks.


The Morso Forno oven was inspired by traditional Italian ovens, and you’ll feel just like you’re basking in the Sicilian sun as you bite into your first home-made slice of delicious pizza.


Or steak, or salmon, or just about anything else that you want to cook – the Forno does it all!


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Morso Cookware


Cooking is one of the few crafts where you are more than justified in blaming your dodgy tools for poor results.


Ensure you have a cooking arsenal that Jamie Oliver would envy with the gorgeous, cast iron, cookware range from Morso.


Our top picks are the Grill Cocette, the Piaf Grande dish, and the Vetro Pizza and Frying Plate


The Morso Ignis Fire Pit.


Because what garden is complete without a flaming pit of naked flames?


There’s no sight more dramatic than a blazing fire-pit; beautiful to look at, and a toasty God-send as the sun begins to set, a firepit provides a focal point and a place for friends and family to gather.


The Morso Ignis is built from long-lasting and sturdy cast iron and comes with an optional grate for grilling; ideal for an impulsive summer afternoon gathering!



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The Morso BEL Outdoor Lamp


Named for the Celtic fire God Bel, when spread around your garden these gorgeous little lamps create a heavenly, ethereal atmosphere as they twinkle in the soft summer night.


Specially developed to give off a delicately dancing flame, the BEL lamps are made of cast iron and a tube of ceramic glass to encase the flame.


As legend has it, Bel lit bonfires on Celtic holiday Beltane to signal the start of summer. Why not create a tradition of your own by lighting the lamps to welcome the warmer months to your home?


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The Jotul Terrazza Outdoor Fireplace


For an outdoor fireplace that packs a dramatic punch look no further than the Jotul Terrazza. A multi-functional feature, the Jotul Terrazza is ideal for your patio, garden or terrace.


A contemporary chameleon, The Jotul Terrazza is crafted out of corten steel that oxidises to a rustic earthy finish, changing its colour alongside the seasons.


The Terrazza can also double as a grill and can include a fire screen and black enamel base plate based on your preferences. Available in XL and regular so you can be sure you have the right size for you.


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By ensuring your garden is well equipped with our top picks you are sure to make more memories and good times this summer – not to mention be the neighbourhoods garden party location of choice!



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