10 Of The Best Wood Burning Stoves Of 2018

10 Of The Best Wood Burning Stoves Of 2018

Here at Stove Supermarket, we understand there are many different stove brands and models available in today’s market.

We also understand that identifying which stove is best for you can be a challenge. With so much information to digest, sometimes it can help to have a starting point for your research. This is why we’ve created a list of our top 10 favourite wood burning and multi-fuel stoves of 2018 to help you make your decision.

Our range includes a selection of lower-budget, entry level stoves, traditional log burners, or contemporary designs – there’s bound to be a stove to suit you.

Wood burning and multi-fuel stoves have a number of benefits for your home. Not only do they look the part, they are also a lot cleaner and more efficient to run than open fireplaces. In the long run, they could even save you money on your heating bills!

1. ACR Tenbury Inset Multi-Fuel/Wood Burning Stove

  • 5Kw heat output
  • DEFRA Approved
  • 10 Year stove body warranty
  • Price £899

The ACR Tenbury Inset Multi-Fuel/Wood Burning stove boasts attractive, contemporary styling and provides a great solution for enjoying real stove ambience in a fireplace setting. Designed to fit a standard 16” fireplace opening, this is a perfectly priced stove for those wanting to combine the joys of a wood burning stove with a traditional fireplace surround.

Like many other ACR stoves, the Tenbury comes complete with a smart Airwash glass system which ensures that you can always have a brilliantly clear view of your fire.

This particular stove is capable of burning wood including logs up to 25cm long and solid smokeless fuels. It has also been DEFRA approved, meaning that it can burn wood in smoke controlled areas.

2. Aarrow Stratford Eco Boiler 16 Multi-Fuel/Wood Burning Stove

  • 16Kw output – great for large rooms
  • Heat 8 – 10 single radiators
  • Wood burning, solid or alternative fuels
  • Stylish appearance, thermostatic control
  • Easy boost system
  • Price: £1,709

The Aarrow Stratford Eco Boiler 16 Multi-Fuel/Wood burning boiler stove is available in both freestanding models and inset models, giving you ultimate choice when it comes to finding space in your home for the stove. The stove itself is available to purchase with a number of additional accessories, including a stand, log store, ash carrier and more, ensuring it fits into your space exactly how you need it to.

Alongside this, the Ecoboiler 16 had a large glass fire door which provides an attractive focal point for any living area. Using a discreet thermostatic control, the stove also has the ability to produce 50% more heat to water than many other boiler stoves on the market.

3. Charnwood Country 4 Multi-Fuel/Wood Burning Stove

  • 4Kw of energy – great for small rooms
  • DEFRA approved
  • Smallest model in the Charnwood wood + multi-fuel heating collection
  • Multiple colour options available
  • Price: £720

The Charnwood Country 4 wood burning/multi-fuel stove is the smallest model in the Charnwood heating collection but boasts all the ingenious features of the brand’s larger stove models. The stove packs a good deal of power into a neat and graceful package and is perfect for keeping living rooms cosy and warm.

This stove is a great purchase for first-time buyers, as it is a good quality stove for a mid-range budget, which provides you with peace of mind that your purchase is going to last.

An additional boiler can be purchased to clip into the stove, which provides enough heat to warm domestic hot water or a couple of single radiators around the home. The Charnwood Country 4 also comes in a range of colourful finishes, including Gunmetal and Pewter, for those looking to add a unique edge to their wood burning or multi-fuel stove.

4. ACR Neo Stove Range

  • DEFRA Approved
  • Heat output across range: 5Kw
  • 10 year stove body warranty

The ACR Neo Range boasts everything you would want from a fully featured, contemporary stove. The stylish cylindrical design and large viewing window, equipped with the ACR Airwash system, gives you excellent views of your roaring fire from all angles.

The range includes the Neo 1 Freestanding, Neo 1 Cupboard Base, Neo 1 Pedestal, Neo 1 Hanging, Neo 3 Cupboard Base, Neo 3 Freestanding, Neo 3 Hanging and Neo 3 Pedestal models, all of which are constructed from high-quality steel with a cast iron door for strength and efficient heat transfer. Whether you need your stove to have legs, be supported on a pedestal or wall mounted, the Neo range brings a new dimension to contemporary real fire heating.

5. Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 5 Widescreen Multi-Fuel/Wood Burning Stove 

  • 5Kw energy of heat – great for small to medium rooms
  • DEFRA approved
  • Wood burning, solid or alternative fuels
  • Airwash system for clean glass
  • Price: £920

The Ecoburn Plus 5 Widescreen Multi-Fuel / Wood burning stove is a widescreen version of the popular Ecoburn Plus Aarrow stove models. This stove boasts all the benefits of the stylish Ecoburn range, with the added bonus of a large viewing glass for an outstanding view of the flames.

This stove has the capacity to burn both wooden logs up to 38cm in length, and smokeless fuels, and is DEFRA approved for use in smoke controlled areas across the UK. Like many Aarrow wood burning and multi-fuel stoves, a matching stand and log store are available to purchase to ensure your fuel store is kept nice and tidy.

6. ACR Rowandale Multi-fuel/Wood Burning Stove

  • DEFRA Approved
  • Heat output 5Kw
  • 10 year stove body warranty
  • Price: £1,260

The ACR Rowandale Multi-fuel/wood burning stove is a great appliance for individuals who want to add a splash of colour to their home through their wood burning stove. Available as standard in a matte black finish, or in a number of colours including black gloss or buttermilk cream, you can tailor this product to match whatever space you require.

This stove has a stunning panoramic door and is equipped with the ACR Airwash system to keep your glass clean and show off your fire to its fullest effect. The stove’s body is made from a high-quality solid cast iron to provide you with a durable and efficient product that will perform year on year.

7. Stovax Stockton 3 Multi-Fuel/Wood Burning Stove

  • DEFRA Approved
  • Fits into a standard 16" wide British fireplace
  • Compact size
  • Cleanburn & Airwash
  • 5 Year Extended Warranty
  • Price: £535

The Stovax Stockton 3 Multi-Fuel / wood burning stove is one of the smaller traditional stoves available to buy. The classic design, combined with 3.75Kw nominal heat output, makes this stove ideal for houseboats, summerhouses, garden workshops.

The stove body is compact enough and is designed to fit neatly into a standard 22” high x 16” wide fireplace, and has both wood burning and multi-fuel capability. With a choice of four colour finishes, including a stylish metallic blue or unique metallic green, this small stove is perfect for first-time stove buyers. 

8. Morso Squirrel Stove Range 

  • 5Kw Heat Output
  • DEFRA Approved
  • Cast Iron construction
  • Airwash & Tertiary Air
  • 10 Year Stove Body Warranty

Morso’s Squirrel range provides a number of great options for wood burning stove fans, whether you’re looking for a traditional or contemporary styled stove or a mixture of the two! The range includes traditional stoves – the 1410, the 1412, the 1430 and the 1435 – and the more contemporary designs – the 1416 and the 1446.

The range also includes a ‘Royal Edition’ 1442 Convector wood burning stove, which is a limited edition variation released to celebrate the 100-year working relationship between Morso and the Danish Royal family.

Each Squirrel stove fires up quickly and effectively and is fitted with a tertiary air chamber to ensure your fire burns to maximum efficiency.

9. Parkray Aspect 8 Slimline Multi-Fuel/Wood Burning Stove 

  • 5Kw Heat Output
  • DEFRA Approved
  • Multi-Fuel Kit Option
  • Bench & Log Stand Options
  • Price: £1,099

The Parkray Aspect 8 Slimline wood burning and multi-fuel stove is the largest stove in the entire Aspect stove range. Despite its large appearance, the stove is actually perfect for openings that are more limited in space due to its narrow depth. With this stove, there’s no compromise!

With an output range of 4Kw to 6Kw, this stove is perfect for small to medium-sized rooms. Its simple design means it can find a home in both contemporary and traditional styled rooms.

10. The Hobbit SE Multi-Fuel/Wood Burning Stove

  • Designed to fit amazing small spaces
  • Scaled to fit into most ornate cast iron surrounds
  • Multiple colour options available
  • 4Kw heat output
  • Price: £525

Designed and built by Salamander Stoves, The Hobbit wood burning stove has been specifically designed with small spaces in mind. Typically found in beach cabins, shepherds huts, small homes and yurts, the Hobbit Stove boasts all the personality of larger stoves with a compact neat footprint.

The Hobbit has a range of colour options available, with both the stove body and the main door available in a number of colour variants. Solid brass or chrome fittings, and a log store are also available to ensure this stove matches the style of your room perfectly.

Still unsure about which wood burning or multi-fuel stove you need for your space? Visit our Advice & Info page for more helpful articles about what stove is right for you – including 5 key questions to ask yourself when choosing a wood burning stove.

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