Brand Spotlight: ACR Stoves

Brand Spotlight: ACR Stoves

ACR Heat Products boast more than 30 years of experience designing and producing stoves, parts and accessories for leading manufacturers in the heating industry.

Recently, the business has taken this vast knowledge and expanded their offering to include their very own range of extremely sought after wood burning and multi fuel stoves.

Each product within the ACR Stoves range is fantastically built and does not compromise on style or quality. Taking all the knowledge accumulated over the years, they ensure that their products tick all the right boxes for those looking to invest in a wood burning stove.

ACR Stoves are built from either a mixture of steel and cast iron or completely from cast iron. The range itself offers a fantastic selection of both contemporary and traditional aesthetics with their own distinctive style and character. Each stove features a large ceramic glass door panels to help you enjoy the stunning view of the fire's flame which is kept clear thanks to a powerful inbuilt Airwash system.

All ACR stoves have been DEFRA approved (smoke exempt). This allowing the burning of wood in smoke controlled areas across the UK.

Cleanburn Technology

ACR wood burning and multi fuel stoves include Cleanburn Technology. This means each ACR wood burning and multi fuel stove provide more heat to your room and less harmful emissions to the environment. Combined with a lined firebox, this technology retains more heat in the stove (increasing efficiency) and also helps to keep the stove clean on the inside.

Airwash System

Another clever feature of ACR wood burning and multi fuel stoves is their Airwash system, which ensures that that the glass of your stove stays nice and clean. Using the power of the rising heat the Airwash system is designed to sweep away any deposits left behind during use, leaving a clear view of the fire and maximising your enjoyment of your stove.

The Range

The ACR wood burning and multi fuel stove range includes freestanding stoves, inset stoves and wall hanging stoves. There’s guaranteed to be a style to suit every room of every home.

Starting from £885, the ACR Earlswood multi-fuel and wood-burning stove is DEFRA approved and is the ACR Stoves answer to a traditional style 5Kw stove. Constructed from steel with a solid cast iron door this stove has all the cosy charm of a traditional wood-burning stove, allowing you to enjoy the joys of a real crackling log fire no matter where you live.

ACR Earlswood SE Multi Fuel Stove

For a different dimension on a wood burning stove design, ACR has designed the stylish Neo 3 Wall Hanging SE Multi Fuel Stove. This contemporary stove has all the qualities of traditional wood burning stoves all encased in a modern curved design. Boasting high-quality steel construction, complete with a cast iron door and top casting for strength, this unique stove has excellent heat transfer and is very easy to operate.

ACR Neo 1 Wall Hanging SE Multi Fuel / Wood Burning Stove

At the top of the ACR wood burning stove range, the ACR Elmdale provides a contemporary wood burning stove solution to traditional large inglenook fireplaces. Although this stove is designed for wood burning only, it is DEFRA approved and features a premium grade cast iron firebox for both durability and efficient heat transfer.


The ACR Tenbury is one of ACR’s best sellers. This inset stove is perfect for those looking to place a wood burning stove into a traditional 16” fireplace opening, or those who simply prefer the inset aesthetic. This contemporary inset stove is capable of burning both wood and solid fuel and offers a generous heat output of 5Kw’s, making it perfect for small to medium-sized rooms.


You can view our entire ACR Heat wood burning and multi-fuel stove range here online.

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