Brand Spotlight: Aarrow Stoves

Brand Spotlight: Aarrow Stoves

In our new wood burning and multi-fuel stove review series, we will be shining light on a number of the brands that we stock here at Stove Supermarket.

With so many high-quality brands to choose from, it can be a daunting task for anyone not familiar with wood burning or multi-fuel stoves to figure out what stove is the right stove.

Our brand spotlight series will guide you through some of the unique points of each stove brand, and highlight a number of the best products we have on offer.

Arrow Stoves

Aarrow wood burning and multi-fuel stoves are manufactured by the Arada Stove group, based in Axminster in Devon. The business has been producing wood burning and multi-fuel stoves for over 30 years, boast an impressive 50 years in the industry as a whole.

Arada stoves are built with cutting edge design and traditional craftsmanship in mind, with a number of individual brands falling under the Arada Stove group title. These include Aarrow, Stratford, and Villager wood burning and multi fuel stoves.

Arada Stoves group are so proud of their brand and the quality associated with their brand name that they ensure all suppliers of their Aarrow stoves are sourced directly from the manufacturer. Here at Stove Supermarket, we are proud to be selected as a named Arada authorised retailer. This allows us to not only supply the high-quality you see on our website, but allows our team to ensure expert technical and after sales support is available on all Aarrow, Villager and Stratford log burners.

Flexifuel and Airwash System

Selected Aarrow wood burning and multi fuel stoves include a patented innovative Flexi fuel system. This innovative system boasts a unique crucible shape that allows a natural layer of ash to build, creating a better base for the fire to burn on.

The shape of this system ensures that un-burn fuel is constantly fed towards the centre of the fire ensuring there is no un-burnt fuel and no waste.

A number of the Aarrow wood burning and multi fuel stoves also include the Effective Airwash system. This renowned innovation directs a stream of hot hair evenly across the window of your stove. This creates a shield between the fire and the ceramic glass which prevents tar and other deposits from settling and ensures you always have an incredible view of your flames.

The Range

Our Aarrow range starts from as little as £539.00, with the stylish and compact Aarrow Acorn View 4 Multi Fuel/Wood Burning Stove providing a great starting point for first time buyers.

Aarrow Acorn View 4 Multi Fuel / Wood Burning Stove

The Aarrow Acorn View is the smallest Aarrow wood burning stove and offers a large viewing glass so you can enjoy the roaring flames while you’re getting cosy in front of the fire. Complete with the Aarrow state of the art Flexifuel system, this is the perfect stove for any small cosy living area.

For those looking for a more contemporary wood burning or multi-fuel stove, the Aarrow iSeries i400 Free Standing Stoves are a great middle market offering at only £1,075.00. This DEFRA approved stove has a newly improved, sleek cutting edge design that are perfect for the modern yet energy conscious household.

Aarrow iSeries i400 Tall Freestanding Multi Fuel / Wood Burning Stove

This stove can even be customised to match the colour of your living room, with a range of door colours including anthracite, Devon cream, grey, metallic bronze, pewter, shimmering rose and sky blue.

And, for those looking to heat their whole home, at the top of the Aarrow range is the Aarrow Ecoboiler 20HE Freestanding Multi Fuel / Woodburning boiler stove. This multi-fuel stove has a large fire door glass viewing area and soft curved lines, giving you an attractive focal point for any living area.

Aarrow Stratford Ecoboiler 20 HE Freestanding Multi Fuel / Wood Burning Boiler Stove

This boiler stove also has the ability to provide heat and water for your whole home, ensuring you’re always cosy and warm. The Ecoboiler gives out anywhere between 3Kw and 10Kw of heat, which will provide enough water to heat around 12-14 single radiators. On top of its stylish appearance, this stove has the ability to produce 50% more heat to water than other boiler stoves.

You can view our entire Aarrow wood burning and multi-fuel stove range on our website.

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