Brand Spotlight – Esse Stoves

Brand Spotlight – Esse Stoves

The Esse name has been synonymous with interior heating for many years, engineering cast iron cookers and wood burning stoves for 160 years. They have always believed that cookers and stoves are the heart of modern life, even after all these years.

This iconic brand often embraces retro styles within its products but combines these with modern technological advancements in heating, which means that you are able to enjoy the best of both worlds in your home.

But what exactly makes these stoves so iconic?

Why choose an Esse stove?

Founded in 1854, Esse quickly established an enviable reputation for manufacturing efficient range cookers and solid-fuel stoves. The iconic range cookers quickly became a highly aspirational household appliance, and the wood burning stoves were seen as a technological advancement over an open fire.

The same values evident in Esse stoves still exist within the company today, and are underpinned in the collections of stoves available to buy. All Esse solid fuel stoves can be used in Clean Air Zones, and high output stoves are all available with an air kit option.

When it comes to choosing a wood burning stove, there are a few advantages to opting for an Esse wood burning or multi-fuel stove. One of the key advantages is that you’re not simply buying an ordinary wood burner, you’re owning a piece of history – Esse stoves are well known for their sturdy build quality and longevity.

Esse solid fuel stoves are also known as some of the cleanest-burning appliances in the world, beating even the toughest emissions standards, thanks to their patented twin catalytic combustion technology. In 2017, Esse announced that all stoves will be manufactured for use in Clean Air Zones as defined by DEFRA.

Every Esse stove also features Afterburn™ airwash technology for exceptional burn rate control, and to help maintain a clean viewing glass so you can enjoy your fire no matter how long you burn it for. The fire box on ESSE stoves contain vermiculite firebrick insulation, which holds the heat within the firebox and protects the outer casting of your stove – optimising the energy supplied from your fuel.

The Range

The Esse stoves range has a wide range of stylish wood burning, multi-fuel and gas stoves to suit all tastes and budgets. Whether you’re looking for an entry level stove, or you’re looking to treat yourself to something a bit more expensive, there’s bound to be an appliance that fits you perfectly.

At the lower end of the pricing scale is the Esse 1 SE Wood Burning Stove, which can be yours to take home from as little as £445. This powerful wood-burning stove gives you many of the features you would expect from an expensive stove but for a much more affordable price. Built with a 4.9Kw heat output and the option for a top or rear flue output, this wood burning stove has been DEFRA approved and has a great efficiency rating of 74%. For those looking for an affordable wood burning stove for a small to medium sized room, this is perfect for you.

At the higher end of the pricing scale, available from £1,455, is the Esse 225 Contemporary Gas Stove, which is a modern take on the 225XK wood burning stove. Like its wood-burning twin, the gas stove offers the same heat performance and output within a strikingly solid stove design. Both versions of this stove can be specified with stainless steel pillars, or with an all-black finish for a classic but bold style.

A key advantage of the Esse wood burning, multi-fuel and gas stove range is the mixture of contemporary and traditional styles that are available. The Esse 525 SE multi-fuel/wood burning stove is a perfect example of a more contemporary design, available from £969. The wood burning stove has an easy to open firebox door which slides open with ease.

If more traditional wood burning or multi-fuel stoves are up your street, then the Esse range has plenty of these too! The Esse 100 SE Multi-fuel/wood burning stove is available as a single door model or with a double door opening. This particular model is perfect for rooms where a hearth depth is limited, but where a wood burning stove is desired. This gorgeous stove could be the perfect addition to your living room from £995.

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