5 Reasons to buy a Flavel Arundel

5 Reasons to buy a Flavel Arundel

The Flavel Arundel team know how important it is to create a stylish and relaxing living space within your home. They also understand that doing so comes with a price tag that not every homeowner is able to afford. There are a number of low-cost wood burning stoves available on the market, but not all of these provide the high quality and efficiency in their performance as higher end stoves. Understanding the market, and consumers desires for a high-performing stove is one of the reasons that The Flavel Arundel Wood Burning Stove came into existence.

Using their years of fireplace and heating knowledge, the team at Flavel have combined innovative design and high-quality manufacturing to provide a stove model that is affordable and would feel at home in any living room without compromising on performance.

But just why should this be your stove of choice if you’re making your first wood burning stove purchase, and what makes this particular model so popular?

Why by a Flavel Arundel?

1) Produced by a Trusted Company

It is true that some may see the price tag for a Flavel Arundel and question how trustworthy the manufacturing company may be to produce such an affordable DEFRA approved stove.

The Flavel brand is well known within the home heating industry, having many years of experience in producing quality gas fires and stoves. However, their business originally moved into the home heating arena by producing cast-iron cooking appliances well into the 1930s before branching out into cast-iron fireplaces, firebacks and grates.

Using experience from both of these areas, Flavel understands the requirements from home heating for modern consumers and have adapted their years of knowledge to create high quality but affordable products.

2) Beautiful Contemporary Design

The Flavel Arundel Multi-Fuel/Wood Burning Stove boasts a very simple but stylish design, making the most of the straight lines in its box-like design. This multi-fuel stove will find itself at home in contemporary living or dining spaces and provides a large viewing window so you can make the most of the roaring flames.

The stove body is produced from high-quality steel and comes complete with a cast iron door. Both of these materials are robust and tough, allowing them to withstand years of use. The stove comes in a metallic black paint finish which only adds to its elegance, along with a contrasting stainless steel door handle and air control levers.

3) 5Kw Heat Output & High-Efficiency Rating

This small but powerful stove has a direct heat output of just under 5Kw, making it perfect for medium to large living spaces.

On top of this, it has an energy efficiency rating of 76.3% allowing it to be very cost effective both before and after purchase.

4) DEFRA Approved

The Flavel Arundel stove is DEFRA approved and has the ability to burn logs or smokeless fuels in smoke controlled areas of the UK. In fact, Flavel Stoves are amongst the cleanest and most efficient stoves available on the market, producing incredibly low carbon monoxide emissions.

Like many other Flavel stoves, the Arundel model carries the independently tested CE approval to standard BS EN 13240. It also is fitted with a ‘Smoke Stop’ device which ensures that the stove always receives enough air to burn away smoke produced when burning wood, and is fitted to prevent the secondary air control from being fully closed. This ensures you will never accidentally produce smoke from this stove.

5) Powerful Stove for a Small Budget

This particular stove has been cleverly designed to look a lot more ‘high-end’ than its price tag suggests. Flavel is synonymous for the quality of their products and has used their years of experience in the fireplace industry to produce an affordable yet sophisticated stove design for the modern household.

At only £499 this stove is a great entry level product for those looking to invest in their first wood burning stove. You can take a look at this powerful wood burning stove here, and update your home for an affordable price.

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