Brand Spotlight: Jotul Stoves

Brand Spotlight: Jotul Stoves

Jotul’s motto is ‘Timeless Norwegian Craft’, and this is something that is present in every part of their products. Jotul are one of the world’s oldest manufacturers of wood burning stoves, inserts and fireplaces, hailing from Norway and operating since 1853. 

Building on Norwegian nature and culture, each wood burning stove and fireplace has been strongly inspired by the Scandinavian way of life. Hailing from a part of the world that experiences some of the harshest winter conditions year in, year out has allowed the business to thrive in the home-heating arena and has allowed them to become leaders in the field in both design and quality of their products.

The requirements of Scandinavian life, to have a powerful and reliable heating source that also has longevity has fed into the production and design of each Jotul stove. Each wood burning stove or fireplace has been designed and created to last, and it is clear to see why they have become such a popular model for home-owners across the world.

But why should you pick a Jotul stove? In our latest brand spotlight, we delve into the details of this popular brand.

Why pick a Jotul?

As you can imagine, Scandinavian environments are extreme and the winters can be brutally cold. Heating the home with a wood burning stove or open fireplace has been a staple part of Norwegian life for centuries, so it is no surprise that companies from this region thrive.

The knowledge and experience of the requirements from interior heating have helped to shape the production and performance of Jotul wood burning stoves. The choice of materials, producing products mainly from cast iron, and the structure of the stove has all been carefully considered to make sure that each stove can last. Cast iron stoves are extremely suitable for the high temperatures produced by wood burning stoves and rapid changes in temperature. All Jotul stoves come with a 25-year guarantee on their cast-iron body, longer than many wood burning stove companies have been in production!

Not does their choice of material make them an excellent stove brand to invest in, the decision to use cast-iron in their production is also very sustainable for both the customer and for the environment as a whole. Many of Jotul’s cast iron wood is produced from recycled scrap iron from local Norwegian scrap dealers. This waste metal is melted down and repurposed, removing any impurities during the process to ensure that every stove performs to the same high quality that is expected. By purchasing a Jotul stove you’ll not only be investing in a long-lasting product, but one that has prevented unnecessary waste products!

The years of experience have also inspired the team that there is more to life than temperature which is measured on a scale. Jotul wood burning stoves are designed to be enjoyed as well to serve the function of heating a room. Bringing the past and present together, a number of Jotul’s wood burning stoves can make themselves at home in the most traditional or contemporary of living spaces.  Good design is more than meets the eye, but form is just as important as function. Each stove is stylish and reliable

The Range

 The most affordable Jotul wood burning stove available on Stove Supermarket is currently the Jotul F602 Clean-Burn Wood Burning Stove. This small but mighty wood burning stove has a strong output of 6Kw of energy, making it great for medium sized rooms.

The medium-sized stove is one of the most popular models produced by Jotul – and it’s no surprise considering how unique the design is! It has even received the “Classic Award for Design Excellence” by the Norwegian Design Council. Boasting a beautiful front glass door and a sculpted iron lion on its side panels, this wood burning stove definitely stands out from the competition.

For those looking to use their stove to do a spot of cooking around the home, but still wanting to retain the unique design features of the Jotul F602, the Jotul F118 Clean-Burn Wood Burning Stove is the perfect choice. Designed in the 1930s by famous artist Ornulf Bast, this particular stove has the unique feature of an ancient Norwegian prayer – “I Bury My Fire” – written on the front of the stove body. This prayer was believed to keep fire burning and to keep dark forces away from the home. So, if you’re looking for a true part of Scandinavian design in your home, this wood burning stove with an exceptionally long burn time and a fully functional top cook plate can be yours.

For a more traditional design, the Jotul F3 Clean Burn Wood Burning Stove has been a favourite for many years, and is still one of the best-selling Jotul stoves on the market. The glass front door boasts a large viewing window with lattice design reminiscent of a fireplace. This compact but powerful stove is well suited for both low effective heating, but is also capable of packing a punch during cold winter months. 

Jotul Outdoor Products

Not only do Jotul produce outstanding wood burning stoves and fireplaces, they also produce a stylish range of outdoor fireplaces, all available on Stove Supermarket.

The Jotul Terrazza Outdoor Fireplace is available from £349 in two sizes, normal and extra-large, meaning there is an option for all gardens. Designed and developed in partnership with Hareide Design, the Terrazza is built from corten steel which creates a stylish rustic finish when exposed to the elements and can withstand the harshest of winters – meaning you can leave it outside all year round!

Another outdoor fireplace from Jotul that makes use of bold, strong lines is the Jotul Loke Corten Outdoor Fireplace, creating a warm and cosy mood in your garden or outdoor spaces. An additional barbeque grill can be purchased for use with the Loke Corten, giving you the option to enjoy the roaring fire or cook your burgers in style.

If you prefer rounded shapes, the Jotul Froya Outdoor Fireplace can be yours from as little as £349. Like the other Jotul outdoor fireplaces the Froya is made from Corten steel, and is designed to be left outside all year round. Continued exposure to the elements builds up a rustic layer across the exterior of the fireplace and brings added charm to the already unique design.

Why not take a look at the full Jotul range here.

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