Brand Spotlight: Mendip Stoves

Brand Spotlight: Mendip Stoves

Mendip wood burning and multi-fuel stoves are designed and manufactured here in the UK, with their roots firmly set in Somerset since 2008. While the business doesn’t boast the longevity of other stove companies, they have been recognised in the industry for their design and product innovation and their quality components.

This knowledge enables the team to manufacture a range of exceptional appliances designed specifically for the UK market, using awareness of the other models on the market and how they can be evolved to exceed British standards of both quality and performance.

Why Pick a Mendip Stove

Mendip stoves use quality cast iron in their design a production, and combine this with heavy duty steel, to ensure that their stoves are both efficient and cost effective to run. Each Mendip stove has been CE market, meaning that it has been independently tested to exacting European standards for heating efficiency, safety and emissions across the continent.

Another advantage of choosing a Mendip wood burning or multi-fuel stove is their commitment to the UK environment and creating a sustainable and replenished landscape for future generations. Mendip are proud supporters of the Woodland Trust, and from every wood burning or multi-fuel stove purchased Mendip continue to donate to the Woodland Trust. This donation helps to promote sustainable woodland fuel, and ensures that forests can be continually taken care of for many years to come and protect forest wildlife.

Finally, Mendip only sell their stoves through a specially selected group of retailers who are committed to upholding the Mendip values and who will represent the stoves in their best light. This trusted group, which we are proud to be a part of, are on hand to ensure you’re sold the right stove for your needs and budget.

The Range

The Mendip range of wood burning and multi-fuel stoves boasts a vast number of stylish contemporary models in a number of shapes and sizes, with a model and design that will look at home in any modern living room or kitchen.

The Mendip Churchill 10 Wood Burning Stove is a popular and powerful model that embraces a large viewing window in its design. This is the largest output of the Churchill models from Mendip, and has sleek, straight lines which make this a customer favourite. The stove glass has a soft curve and an easy open chromium handle which adds an air of sophistication to the model. This stove is available with or without a Mendip Stove Bench, which can add a unique twist to any of the Mendip models.

For shoppers looking for unique design, the Mendip Somerton models are the perfect fit. Available in either a regular, tall, pedestal, compact or side glass model. Each stove is an elegant cylindrical wood stove, with a smooth fitted rounded door and a single form stainless steel curved handle. All models have a bespoke cast iron grate and large ash pan designed with the unique style in mind, all designed to make every part of your wood burning stove an enjoyable experience.

Last but not least, one of the stand out wood burning stove models in the Mendip range is the Loxton 8 Double Sided Multi-Fuel/Wood Burning Stove. This stove has a large 8Kw heat output, but more importantly has an unbeatable two viewing areas meaning you can share the warmth between two rooms, or even have the stove as a centrepiece in an open plan living space. All this is available for only £1,633!

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