The Best Outdoor and BBQ Cooking Tools of 2019 That You Need

The Best Outdoor and BBQ Cooking Tools of 2019 That You Need

A craftsman is only as good as his tools, and the same goes for a chef (or anyone who attempts the odd recipe!). However, investing in high-quality outdoor cooking tools is oftentimes overlooked, and last year’s tools recycled time and time again. This can often mean your barbecues and other outdoor cooking creations suffer because of tools that have long lost their lustre. 

Luckily for culinary aficionados everywhere here at Stove Supermarket we stock an incredible range of Morso outdoor living cooking tools!

Morso Outdoor Ash Scraper

The Morso Outdoor Ash Scraper is perfect for keeping the cooking area clean inside your Morso appliance, as well as stoking the flames and moving embers around your fire.

Comes with an ingenious built-in blower pipe – helpful when you’re trying to get your fire to the perfect heat.

Morso Pizza Peel

The Morso Pizza Peel is expertly designed to move pizza in and around the oven with ease.

Morso Bamboo Pizza Paddle

This luxurious Bamboo Pizza Paddle is perfect as a serving board for crispy pizzas, bruschetta, skewers and much more! With bamboo sourced from certified plantations it’s also guilt free.

Morso Fire Tongs

The Morso Fire Tongs are the ideal accessory for your fireside – you’ll be able to move firewood around your outdoor appliance with ease due to the long length of the tongs (520mm).

Built from powder coated stainless steel, they are a lovely addition to any outdoor kitchen.

Morso Culina BBQ Fork

Perfect for poking at sausages and spearing steaks, this Culina BBQ Fork is an outdoor cooking essential!

Morso Culina BBQ Spatula

Part of the Culina 3 piece set, the Culina BBQ Spatula features a leather strap and oak handle adding a luxurious elegance to your outdoor tool set.

Morso Culina BBQ Tongs

Completing the Culina set is this pair of BBQ Tongs. Beautifully styled and expertly designed for outdoor cooking, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them!


Morso 1.7L Cocotte

Ideal for creating a number of dishes inside your Morso Forno Outdoor Oven, this enamelled cast iron 1.7L Cocotte is perfect for slow cooking casseroles and tagines, and the lid can even be used to sear food.

Morso Piaf Grande

One of Morsos larger cooking dishes, the Piaf Grande is perfect for roasting and baking all of your favourite dishes.

Morso Piaf Medio

The smaller version of the Piaf Grande, The Piaf Medio is ideal for making your favourite meals in the great outdoors.

Morso Piaf Piccolo

The smallest of the Piaf range, the Piaf Piccolo makes the ideal vessel for your smaller portions and dishes!

Morso Frying Dish

The Morso Frying Dish is an enamelled cast iron frying dish that can also double as a serving dish. Available with an optional detachable stainless steel handle.

Morso Grill Plate

Keep your perfectly cooked meat and accompaniments nice and hot with the Morso Grill Plate!

Morso ‘14 Spice Mills 

A rustic, cast iron spice mill, the '14 Spice Mills will look amazing on any table and you can use it for salt, pepper and other dried spices.

There’s also the smaller sized '14 Chilli Mill

Morso Salt ’14 Jar

Another cast iron accessory for your cooking collection, the Salt ’14 Jar is a stylish addition to your indoor and outdoor kitchens.

The Morso Vetro Pizza & Frying Plate

Made of black ceramic glass, the Vetro can withstand temperatures of up to 500oC to bake a perfect pizza, either in your Morso Forno Outdoor Oven or the Grill Forno II.

Morso Ignis Grill Plate

The perfect addition to your Ignis Firepit, the stainless-steel grate fits perfectly onto notches allowing you to grill meat and veg to perfection.

Morso Cast Iron Grate

The Morso Cast Iron Grill Grate is supplied with all Morso Grill Forno II's. It can also be used inside the Morso Forno Outdoor Oven.

The Grill grate is placed on the cast iron insert so that you can grill meat and veg for your outdoor meal.

Morso Pizza & Herb Cutter

Make chopping herbs and pizzas easy with the Morso Pizza & Herb Cutter - simply rock the blade across your pizza or bunch of herbs and let the blade do the hard work for you!

To get the best out of your outdoor cooking through this summer, and all the seasons to come, be sure to invest in tools that will make it well worth your while. Our selection of products will get you barbecuing like a pro in no time!

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  • Jonny Turner