Made in Britain; The Stoves Born And Bred in The British Isles

Made in Britain; The Stoves Born And Bred in The British Isles

Britain; a nation of industrious beginnings that has become a proud land of quality products, each finished with that unique, artistic British stamp that is so undeniable to the discerning eye. There’s a certain suave sureness to British design; innovative and forward thinking when inspiration strikes, yet occasionally reaching backwards with a smug ease to borrow traditional elements from a rich past of imperial decadence and grander designs.


Here at Stove Supermarket we stock stoves from British producers such as AGA, Aarow, Dunsley Heat, Broseley, Charnwood, Carron, Hamlet, Hunter Stoves, Mendip, Parkray, Salamander and Stovax.


The British stove manufacturers that we will be shining a spotlight on in this blog will be: Esse, AGA and Dunsley Heat. Each of these brands is determinedly British; pioneers in their own individual ways, ESSE, purveyors and style and durability, AGA a force of engineering excellence, and Dunsley Heat one of the longest standing producers of stoves in Britain.


Esse Stoves


Esse was established in 1854 with nothing but a mission to create high-quality stoves that would stand the test of time. An infamous brand, Esse has brushed shoulders with some of histories biggest and best: Florence Nightingale herself would have no other brand through the doors of her Balaclava Hospital, and an Esse range cooker stepped into stardom for an appearance in James Bond film a ‘View to a Kill’. An utterly iconic brand, we are proud to stock such a classical British brand. A couple of our favourite Esse offerings are the:


The Esse 700 Vista SE


The largest model in Esses popular Vista range, the DEFRA approved and eco-conscious 700 Vista SE is a multi-fuel stove with powerful capabilities and a 8.5Kw heat output – the perfect option for larger rooms and spaces.

The iconic Vista arch window allows a spectacular view of the flames, whilst primary and secondary air controls provide easy, and total control over the large heat output.


The Esse 100 SE


The Esse 100 SE is a multi fuel / wood burning stove that is perfect for rooms where higher heat outputs would overwhelm the space. With a moderate heat output of 5kw this stove is sure to keep your room cosy without overheating, making it the ideal choice for a smaller room.


The Esse 100 SE is also DEFRA approved meaning that it is suitable for woodburning in smoke controlled areas.


AGA Stoves 


AGA has been a household name in Britain since it was established in 1922. Made famous by their luxury cookers; the instantly recognisable iron frame is eternally stylish and never out of place, whether nestled in a stone flagged farm house, or a decadent manor house, an AGA is somehow always appropriate. The same can be said for their, more recent, collection of stoves. Drawing from the same intuitive craftsmanship and industry knowledge, AGA have applied their years of commitment to delivering yet another first rate product. A couple of our favourite AGA stoves that we currently stock are:


The AGA Dorrington


The AGA Dorrington is a gorgeously contemporary stove that adds a stylish touch to any space. Featuring windows on either side as well as on the front, you are assured of an incredible view of the flames.

The Dorrington is highly efficient (80.4%) and DEFRA approved, meaning you can be assured of that you are being as eco-conscious as possible. The Dorrington has a nominal output of 5.9kw meaning medium and large rooms are the perfect setting for this stunning stove.


The AGA Hanwood


The AGA Hanwood is the epitome of sleek design. Featuring strong lines and a large viewing window for a dramatic view of the flames, this is a truly stunning piece.

The medium sized Hanwood packs a punch with an output of 6kw – the perfect option for medium rooms. The Hanwood is also highly efficient at 80.02%, and is DEFRA approved for burining wood in smoke controlled areas, making this the perfect stove for anyone seeking style and efficient functionality.


Dunsley Heat Stoves


Dunsley Heat is a testament to Yorkshire spirit. Established for over 60 years, this family-run business was born in the cobbled West Yorkshire village of Holmfirth. A picturesque corner of the pennines known for hit TV show classic ‘Last of the Summer Wines’ and beautiful countryside. Dunsley Heat began it’s journey selling boilers, fires and accessories, but today offer all manner of heating solutions including multifuel stoves. Our Dunsley Heat stoves of choice are:


The Highlander 8 Double Sided Stove


The perfect option for homes, pus and hotels – anywhere with, or wishing to have, a central chimney room setting. The Highlander 8 not only makes a stunning centrepiece, it also has a powerful output of 8Kw making it the ideal choice for larger spaces. ighlHi

The Highlander 8 features a fantastic air wash system that is specifically designed to keep your glass cleaner for longer. The stove is also able to be closed down for overnight burning due to the primary air control in each door.


The Highlander 10 log store stove


The Highlander 10 log store has a high heat output of 10Kw making it perfect for larger rooms. Featuring an airwash system to keep the glass clean and allow you to maintain your view of the flames for longer, the Highlander 10 requires minimal glass upkeep.


Comes with a steel body, cast iron door and handle options of: black, brass and polished steel.



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